Broken Braces?

What to do?

We know that every now and then something happens that results in a broken bracket or wire. Whether you took a hit during a sports game or bit into something that was harder than expected, don’t panic!

Broken braces can cause cuts or aches so the best thing is to make an appointment with your orthodontist as soon as possible and in the meanwhile, try these minor fixes until your appointment.

How to Manage if Your Braces Broke

Your braces may break during a time where you can’t visit your orthodontist immediately. A loose bracket or wire can be sharp, so you need to take action to protect the inside of your mouth. The best is to use dental wax to cover any sharp points and to protect your tongue, which may naturally tend to go to the sharp points.

Below are three common things that can happen to your braces and some quick fixes to assist you until you get to your orthodontist. 

Floating Bracket

Each tooth has an individual bracket attached to it with a special adhesive. If one of these brackets loosens but is still on the wire, it can move along the wire and cause damage or discomfort to the inside of your mouth. First, phone your orthodontist for an appointment. Secondly, you can try to make it more comfortable and to minimize damage and pain until your visit by doing the following. Sterilize a pair of tweezers and use it to move the bracket along the wire until it sits between two teeth or in the centre of a tooth.

Broken Wire

When a wire breaks it can easily cut the inside of your cheeks or your tongue and become very uncomfortable and painful. You also don’t want to get an infection in that cut, so you need to try and make the wire safer until you get to the orthodontist! Use a pair of sharp nail clippers or small pliers to cut off the end part of the wire so it has a neat finish. Be extra careful when you cut off a piece of wire that you or your child don’t swallow the tiny piece of wire accidentally.

Protruding Wire

Naturally, after you’ve worn your braces for a while, your teeth will start moving and there will be a chance that the wire can come out of the last bracket it’s attached to. If the loose wire cuts or pokes your gums or the inside of your mouth, cut the end with sharp small pliers or cover the sharp end with dental wax.

Bent Wire    

Some food is too hard for your braces to handle so when you eat it the wire can bend. A bended wire prevents the loose bands from pulling your teeth into position. If this happens, you need to schedule an appointment with your orthodontist immediately. Try to avoid getting a bent wire by eating soft food and not eating food that’s too hot or cold.

Always visit your Orthodontist if your braces break or move.