what to expect

Although we treat each patient as an individual and see to your specific needs, we’ve set out a simple schedule of what to expect when you visit us.

First Appointment

  1. At your first appointment, our friendly staff will welcome you and give you a quick tour as well as introduce you to the staff.
  2. All patients are asked to complete a questionnaire in order for us to understand your most important needs and expectations.
  3. We will take photographs of your teeth and face as a reference.
  4. We also take a low-radiation X-ray of your teeth for the doctor to examine.
  5. Lastly, we’ll discuss your different treatment options, give you an estimated quote and show you our discount programme.

Your first visit will take about 30 minutes and we ask patients to arrive 10 minutes early to complete the questionnaire.

Second Appointment

  1. You will be booked in for a digital impression of your teeth to order your clear aligners.
  2. We will also take a low-radiation X-ray of your face from the side.
  3. We ensure all paperwork is complete and receive your deposit payment and arrange your financing.

Your second visit will take about 30 minutes and can be arranged to take place straight after your first appointment.

Third Appointment

  1. At your third appointment, we will place and fit your braces or clear aligners.
  2. We will review what you will look like after your braces or aligners and give you all the details on what to expect now that you are wearing them.

Your third appointment is generally booked for 3-6 weeks after your second appointment and will take approximately 60 minutes.

Young Children and Adolescents

In the case where your child is not ready for treatment yet, their name will be placed on a list that is monitored regularly at no extra cost. The sooner we see your children, the more benefits they’ll receive.